Thursday, 1 June 2017

Observation over Griffin

I've waited twenty-four hours, after the smoke has cleared on this Kathy Griffin episode in the US to offer an observation.  Frankly, the NY Post offered the best words yet....someone in a 'bubble' who was unable to note how stupid a stunt could go.

In destruction values, I'd say over the next twelve months....she's wiped out about 70-percent of her income (my humble numbers).  She'll make some TV appearances, and maybe do a special somewhere....but she can probably erase the majority of her schedule.

My advice....go take 18 months off, and travel outside of the US.  Get a new prospective on life.

The thing about this is that people (in particular since the election) have continually shown that they are 'bubble-people', and just thinking/reacting in some unusual way.  If you suggest to them that this kind of behavior toward President Obama would be viewed as extremely hateful....they mostly just grin.  It's almost child-like.....they don't expect any punishment or retribution to occur.

I look at the loss of common sense over the past decades as the biggest factor in this episode.  If you look over news and just see people wandering around and thinking that they can survive without using common sense.  These are the same people who have a public career, and then jeopardize it by becoming political....attaching themselves to some idea and then feeling shocked when a quarter of their income drys up...from a loss of fans.

In Griffin's case, I'd suggest packing a suitcase and quietly going off to Europe for a rest....maybe a year-long rest.  You've done something that requires a review of your attitude and behavior.  Frankly, turning yourself into this 'beast' over the past decade....doesn't say much.

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