Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Reality Leigh Winner

I've sat and watched this newest leak story unfold.  You can say five things about this and the young lady involved.

1.  This is another case similar in nature to Snowden and Bradley/Chelsea Manning.  They held clearances....felt some great purpose in life to 'save the world'....decided that they had the authority to share classified material....and were 'judge and jury' over their mission.

2. Winner will very likely claim at some point that Trump-frustration-syndrome was affecting her and that she wasn't totally responsible for the act (suggesting that Trump caused her to do this).

3.  Presently, with the one appears they will max out at 10 years if they go for the full-court episode.  Did she share other reports in the past (while in the Air Force)?  I'm guessing that the AF is now be reviewing the past year or two.  Some group will put several thousand man-hours into this past review.  For her sake, one might hope that it's just one single screw-up.

4.  She's 24.....doing likely ten years in prison if convicted and out by probably age 35 (figure the court case will not start until January of 2018 at the earliest).  It's the best years of your life lost but she would still able to restart.  Oddly, with all clearances permanently gone and the past six years mostly in the intelligence field....there's not going to be that many options on employment.  Maybe a fitness trainer, yoga instructor or her mid-30s.

5.  Everyone used to worry about spies.  It would appear to me that leakers are more of a threat today than spies.  Maybe there needs to be training episodes required each month to remind people over and over....they aren't there to 'save the world', and that ten years in prison is a waste of a good life.

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