Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Sears T-Shirt Story

This got brought up by the Jerusalem Post today.....Sears, for a number of months.....has carried this T-shirt..."Free Palestine".

I sat and pondered over the political message and the weight of the message across most of America.

To be honest, if you brought up the topic of Palestine or Free Palestine....roughly 75-percent of adults wouldn't have much of an idea what you were referring to.

Maybe you mean a new soda called Palestine which will be given initially away for free.  Maybe you mean a new store for fashion trends.  Maybe it's for a comedian named Palestine who insulted Trump and got arrested.  Maybe it's even a new ice hockey team from Ottawa.

As much as people think that the public is that bright....it's mostly proven day after day that the public IS NOT that bright.

Sears in this sales gimmick?  Thirty years ago, they wouldn't have sold a t-shirt like this.  Today, in a moment of desperation....trying to appeal to various crowds....they will attempt to sell just about anything.

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