Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Some Reality

I watched a short piece from the Monday night MSNBC show with Chris Mathews.  I rarely agree with Mathews although 30-percent of the time....he does come up with some blunt and true analysis.

So the topic was.....has Hollywood and the news media been insensitive to rural and working-class Americans?  For a brief seven minutes....it was a rare door open on reality and the realization that a whole group of Americans are just fed up (not just with politics, but the news media, entertainment, and public media).

I think if you went out and asked a hundred Americans in some small Iowa town about their view of Washington and politics.....more than half will just start laughing and comparing it to some third-world banana-republic.  The same opinion will be expressed about the Hollywood elite and maybe half the crowd noting they barely go out to two or three movies a year now.

Is this a new trend?  No.  I think it's been going on since the 1970s and about every decade....doubles up.  It's unfortunate at this point....we've reached a point where we refuse to read regional newspapers (making them economic failures), give more viewing to the History Channel and alternate networks and refusing to view various shows from CBS/NBC/NBC (causing chaos with long-term planning), and skipping the news stand with Time and Newsweek on sale.

Quietly, a message is being generated and sent out.  It's not a blunt or harsh message....just that folks won't listen to your theme or message, buy a particular product, view a certain show, or vote for your candidate.

I often point out the problem of the Democratic Party since the mid-1990s, and how they are unable to win more than 30-percent of counties in America now in national elections for President. Five elections have passed since this odd turn of affairs has occurred.  Does the DNC care?  No.  They have specialized groups which lead them to believe that will be enough to win elections.  It's a good formula in urbanized zones (like Atlanta, Baltimore, or Detroit).....it doesn't work well in most sections of Texas or Idaho.

I doubt that Mathews analysis really picks up viewers or changes much of anything.    

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