Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The Jail Topic

There are a thousand ways that a guy can go off to jail.  Typically....the vast majority of us (working middle-class slugs)....avoid those thousand ways.  In my entire life....I can only think of three folks I was associated with (in high school, via the Air Force, or met up with on a personal level) that ended up going off for some jail-time.

I sat today and was reading the account of this Virginia student....Andrew Spiels....who decided to go out and registered a number of dead folks to vote.  Eighteen registrations as the judge finally figured out.

Total time handed out: 100 days in jail.

Will he actually the time and get some worked-out deal to just be probation?  If I were betting on this....I'd bet he doesn't spend more than seven days in jail.

The thing about this is that he had know that this was fairly illegal, and yet did it anyway.  He claims he didn't partner up with anyone....this was his own situation.  I have doubts about this, but the judge doesn't intend to press on this issue.

A problem later in life?  If he ever got into government service....there's going to be some review and this will pop up.

But this all falls into the thousand ways that you can get sent off to jail.  Most of us aren't that stupid to go and register dead folks to vote.  Most of us aren't that stupid to go and write bad-checks.  Most of us aren't that stupid to go and rob a bank.  In the end....this kid is simply a reminder of this line you need to avoid.

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