Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Other 25 December Folks

There are four characters in history, which I've sat down and read over some odd connections:

Horus.  Horus was a Egyptian 'God-like character' from the period of roughly 3000 BC.  Horus lived, at least as much as history has recorded him.  Oddly, he's born on 25 December....from a virgin-birth.....noted by a connection in the sky that is often referred to as the 'three kings' where three particular stars line up in a row.  He's also known for being at a young age, and instructing others by age 12.  Sometime after the age of thirty.....he was noted by history as having his own religion, which had a dozen individuals attached to his as his 'chiefs'.  It should be noted that he healed the sick and also accomplished a couple of miracles (at least history records this fact).  His nickname among the writers of the time?  The lamb of God.  Somewhere along age forty, he got into a conflict with some folks and ended being hung up and thus died.  Legend has it....after three days dead....Horus returned to life.

Attis.  Attis was a Greek who lived around 1200 BC.  He also was born on 25 December....oddly enough....from another virgin.  He's noted for a handful of miracles.  He developed a cult group in western Turkey, and oddly enough....came to be prosecuted by other cults in the region which eventually led to his death.  Again, oddly....after three days dead....he arose.

Krishna.  Krishna was an Indian from the period of 900 BC.  No, he wasn't born on 25 December, but it is widely noted that he too was a virgin-birth situation, and led a fairly established cult.  He too....ended up dead.  He also returned to life after a couple of days.  It should also be noted that he was an accomplished miracle creator, at least among his followers.

Dionysus.  Dionysus was a 25 December situation, from a virgin-birth, and is widely known as an instructor in youth.  This was around 500 BC, in Greece.  Miracles?'s widely noted in history notes of some legendary feats accomplished.  The water-into-wine episode?  He's the first guy to have been noted having accomplished this. Greeks at the time, noted him as the "Alpha and the Omega".  He originates from a small town about a two-hour walk NW of Athens, Greece.  His return after dying?  Yes, he's another guy who returned from the dead.

It's an odd thing.  Dionysus, Krisha, Attis and Horus....all from different time-periods.  All with the same legendary feats....mostly all born on 25 December....all performed recorded miracles....all were instructors at some point....all developed followings....all died in complicated situations.....and all returned from the dead (at least history records this).

The thing about this is that there's just too much similarity between the four.

Today, I got around to a fifth character in my studies.....a Persian guy from the period of 1200 BC.  His name?  Mithra.  Yeah....born on 25 December, from a virgin-birth, and created a religious following.  Yeah, he also had 12 significant people who were under his leadership.  Yeah, history does record a handful of miracles accomplished, and strangely enough....precisely after three days....he returns from the dead as well.

The odds of five or six guys having all the same character, same story, same birthdate, and same return from the dead?

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