Sunday, 18 June 2017

Why 490,000 Votes Mattered

The 2016 Trump-Clinton election comes down to three states that Hillary Clinton figured to win, and could not.

Michigan, 16 electoral votes, votes that Hillary needed: 11,000
Wisconsin, 10 electoral votes, votes that Hillary needed 23,000
Ohio, 18 electoral votes, votes that Hillary needed: 455,000

It's amazing over the last ten weeks of the Hillary campaign....there were only 71 stops or speech-episodes in this period.  Most of the stops?  Mostly on the eastern coast....and a couple of stops in Vegas and California.  She did stop a couple of times in Michigan and Ohio, but it appears to have barely helped.

So this entire episode today.....all over the lack of 490,000-odd votes?  Yes.

The number of stops for Tump in the final ten weeks?  106.  Why the lesser number for Hillary?  There's a one-week period for the pneumonia episode, and there are a number of days where there were only one single speech or appearance arranged.

One might reach the conclusion that the energy needed for a massive year-long campaign simply wasn't there.  This is one of the problems of modern-day elections and why youth might play a bigger role than people want to believe.

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