Saturday, 15 July 2017

"Russia Fatigue"

The phrase was coined yesterday by CNN's Alisyn Camerota.

If you were sitting in 2010 and watching MSNBC, CNN, Fox, NBC, PBS, CBS, and NBC on a regular basis (30 hours per week of news)....the phrase 'Russia' probably wouldn't have been uttered more than 15 times a month.  From the business channel and referencing oil or gas might have been uttered sixty times a month.

Over the past six months, I would guess the seven major networks together.....probably have uttered the word 'Russia' at least 500 times daily.  The business channel?  Just their normal sixty times a month and mostly over oil and gas news.

Yeah, it's kinda like the term 'whore' utter it enough, and people get use to the term being uttered.  It's not so bad after a while.

If you went out into most rural areas of America....most folks will tell you that they've never a single Russian in their life.  Even if you lived around the metro areas of Atlanta or Nashville....there's fairly good odds that you've never met a single Russian.

Around 1996, I went off on a two week vacation to Turkey....a beach resort operation.  The guests?  It was roughly 75-percent German....15-percent Russian....and the rest from Europe (oh and me the one single American guy).  What I generally learned from that 14-day period from interacting with the Russian folks (some did speak English) is that they did like consuming a fair amount of alcohol....used very little sun-tan lotion (meaning massive burns)....and they could have a very good sense of humor.

I'm not sure where the Russia talk will go with the news media.  I think Camerota is's pretty much a dead-end street with people losing interest.

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