Friday, 25 August 2017

Man of the Year Discussion

For the past day, I've sat pondering over how the Time-Man-of-the-Year function would work.

The list of candidates?

1.  The Antifa Man (always masked in black)

2.  Trump

3.  Robert E. Lee Statues

4.  The mystery Russian election meddler

5.  Senator McConnell, who seemed to accomplish nothing over all of 2017, while having a GOP Senate, GOP House, and GOP President.

6. Al Gore, who produced another environmental block-buster movie, which no one really attended this time around

7.  Barrack Obama, who did mostly nothing but it was a good nothing

8.  Macron of France, who happens to spend near $30,000 a month on make-up to look good

9. Neo-Nazis, who barely have fifteen-odd thousand members in the US but have brought the news media to a standstill

10. A Pakistanti IT guy arrested in DC for something but Democrats say it's nothing

It's an odd list.  Personally, I think the Robert E. Lee statue business ought to get the vote.  A guy dead for 150 years....captures the imagination and political mood of a society almost 152 years later.  Oddly, he didn't ask for a single statue or for a memorial.  My second choice is the mystery Russian election meddler guy....if there ever was such a guy.

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