Monday, 28 August 2017

Texas Story

I had a former co-worker who pointed out this story on Yahoo.....celebrities who said they were praying for Texas residents after the Hurricane.

To be honest, I sat looking at the sun-glasses gal for a while and her lack of a bra.

Then I came back to the prayer business.  Most celebrities are fairly fake and if they said they were praying for you....that might mean they tossed back three cocktails and then asked the bartender where Texas was located and if he could make a really good Texas-related cocktail.

Over the last decade, I've lost a fair amount of respect for celebrities.  It doesn't matter if they do comedy, pretend to be cowboys, or sing freaky songs.  I think a few number of Americans are mostly amused by the pretender-status of these folks.

As for the bra-less gal?  Yahoo always makes these into such tiny photos....that's there's not much to imagine upon.

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