Monday, 14 August 2017

The Charlottesville Soap Opera

I sat this morning and read through some pieces on the Charlottesville, VA episode from the weekend.....then I went and watched private video shot.  There is a differing situation....if you watch the video and try to compare against what the media wrote.  My three observations:

1.  Whatever cops were there...were just as some 'show-horse' routine.  Their orders were to stand down and you can watch the video to confirm that it's theater-piece more than public order.  The governor or the head 'dude' who ordered the 'show-horse' routine?  They aren't explaining their gimmick but if you drag this into a court of law....their leadership authority is marginalized.  The general public will ask what good is have cops or state police, if you don't use them?

2.  This young lady.....which I am sad over her passing....if you watch the video of the incident, she had to put herself into a position where the car would hit her.  I suspect that she felt that he wouldn't move and her body would effectively stop the movement.  It was an very unwise situation, and in a court of law....her action (even though she's dead)....might not be enough to convict this kid.  In a jury situation...most will ask how they would react, in a car, with a crowd thumping on the vehicle.

3.  The term 'neo-Nazi' gets thrown around a lot these days.  So.....pull out the thirty-odd political platform stances of the German Nationalist Socialist Party of 1932, and read them in modern language.  There's maybe four items which these wannabe-neo-Nazi guys would agree with, and the other 90-percent are NOT going to be agreeable.  None of these neo-Nazi guys are this whole term and MISUSE (for over forty years) is bizarre and comical.  The news media and intellectual guys like using the term Nazi, but if you use the political platform sequence....they themselves are more Nazi....than the neo-Nazi guys they point fingers at.

The end?  No.....this is all just act one of a twelve-act soap opera.

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