Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Half-Glass Crowd

"The glass is either half empty or half full."

With over thirty-five years associated with the military in some fashion.....I've heard this glass-talk about a thousand times.  At some point, I worked with a Captain who gave the glass-chat at least twice a month as part of his 'you need to get with the plan' agenda.

At some point about twenty years ago...I sat and paused over the half-glass topic and pondered upon the reason why it had to be HALF.  Couldn't it be three-quarters empty or full?  Could it be 90-percent full or empty?

At some point, some junior airman made the observation to me one day....what if this container were paper or plastic....would it make any real difference.  A Lieutenant listening to the conversation wanted to add Einstein-like wisdom by suggesting that the paper-cup would begin to leak within twelve hours after you filled it with liquid.

Some folks would take this whole discussion and ask the did the glass get half empty or full?  Did you just have that much whiskey to put in the cup?  Did you allow it to sit so long....that it evaporated half the glass?  Did the glass have a hole in the bottom?  Did you guzzle down the whiskey or half-glass in three big swigs?  Does it come served this way to start with?  Do women prefer the half-empty glass as to men preferring the half-full glass?  Did your buddy drink the first half while you were in the latrine?  Is this buttermilk and thus you don't care if it's half-full or half-empty?

Half of this whole discussion is about the glass itself....but the other half is the stupidity of making this a Plato-or-Socrates-like discussion on philosophy.  We've fallen as a civilization to the point where we need to think in this comparison about some half-truth or half-fraud.

You could bring up this comparison with CNN, and suggest that they are a half-truth or half-fraud news organization.

You could bring up this topic with Congress....suggesting that they are half-way working for you, or half-way working against you.

You could bring up the subject with the government wisely spending half the money it taxes off you.....or unwisely spending half the money it taxes off you.

If you brought Aristotle into the conversation?  He'd eventually get around to asking how you filled it in the first place, and if the original container is the one that really matters in this whole case....not the stupid glass that you keep monitoring to see if it's half-full or half-empty.

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