Monday, 14 August 2017

The Harper Story

Over the weekend, I picked up this story from Harper's Bazaar.  The emphasis of their article is that if you are a logical woman (Democrat obviously), then you should separate and divorce from your husband (if he is a Trump GOP guy).  I should note.....I don't subscribe to Harpers......I simply read the storyline itself.

I sat and paused over this for a while.

Harper's Bizaar has been around for about 150 years.  It was the magazine that claimed to know fashion and put out the newest trends to the general public.  If you look at subscription levels today....three-quarters of a million are still sold.  What Harpers can say is that they do know fashion.  They don't claim to know much on diesel cars, Hawaii hotels, best cakes for a diet, or dog training.  They simply know fashion.

If you went looking for a's a bit hard to find these days.  You'd have to go to a book-store or to an airport shop.  Asking women around who read it?  Well....go find the twenty-five women who you might meet up with or associate with.....and ask if they subscribe.  It's pretty high odds that working class women don't read it.

As for this idea?

Let's say your wife of fifteen years read the article and decided then and there....yep....divorce this Trump-guy.  Paperwork gets done....stamped.

About three months go by and she's now thinking....well....I need to date.

So she write up the situation....forty-year-old woman....can't date a Republican guy....must only be Democrat.  No losers, no married guys, no football freaks, no gay guys, and in short fashion....she's got a 40-filter list.  Five months go by now, and the gal needs help.

So a friend says she knows the right guy.  He shows up for the date.  He's got Birkenstocks sandals tied up in a pony-tail....hippy-like character....hints that he's 402-friendly (marijuana friendly)....makes homemade brownies with a funny taste.....a Bernie-type personality....and seems to know an awful limited amount of information on any general topic.

As desperate as you accept this situation for three months.  Weekend after feel like this really is screwed up.

So one year after the divorce, you do something crazy.  You take all the Harper's Bizaar magazines in the house and burn them.  You go and call the divorced husband up....the Trump guy....and ask if he's free.  He has women lined up but he's willing to let you crawl back.  You accept the situation because on the list of good features....he met 80-percent of what you wanted in life for a guy.  Sure, he's a Trump guy....but you could do a lot worse.

Not to slam Harpers.....but they ought to stick with fashion.  The next thing you know.....they will advise you on nuclear energy or climate change.

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