Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Kiwi Story

Ok, so lets lay out this story from minute one.

The cops get called around 7:30 AM on Tuesday morning.  An argument brewing at an apartment complex.  They show up.

As they enter the apartment, on a domestic dispute....the 'woman' is swinging around a butcher-knife.  Somewhere in the brief minute or so that passed....the individual with whom the 'woman' was arguing with....gets a knife wound.  No one says if this was a butcher-knife or pocket-knife....but you have to assume it's a weapon.

Then the cop tries to halt the mess....threatens to shoot, and the 'woman' simply doesn't get the jest of the cops shoots.  Down goes the 'woman'.....dead.

Had this been a 'woman' would have been filed and a judge signing off on the whole report in six to eight weeks.

But, here.....we have a black transgender woman....Kenneth 'Kiwi' Saint Louis.

The fact that the cop reacted in self-defense?  Doesn't really matter.

So all of this leads to Wednesday night.....roughly thirty-six hours later.  A crowd of folks have gathered to block traffic and protest over the cops shooting Kiwi.  Into the midst of this crowd drives a Mercedes driver.....which appears that he's gotten into this mess and just wants to drive out quickly.

Three folks injured and the Mercedes dude arrested.  Charges?  Unknown.  I suspect the cops just wanted to get the guy out before problems occurred.  Was the driver guy a Nazi or KKK member? Doubtful....he was driving a Mercedes.  Losers can't usually afford that kind of car.

The sad thing here is that this could have been avoided if the domestic argument hadn't reached the stage where you needed to swing a knife around and threaten people.  Course, if the cops had not reacted and just allowed Kiwi to knife the associate....things would have been fine.  Now?  I'm guessing by Friday night....some big crowd will have another protest and more folks will get run over by cars.

Oh, and what the argument was between Kiwi and the associate?  Unknown.  Amongst all this chatter and one talks about the argument that started up.

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