Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Likely Future Trend

Over the next two years, I tend to expect that company HR personnel will find themselves in a situation of protecting the company, and it's asking a few questions of individuals who apply for degree-type jobs and the individuals are recent graduates.  The questions will center around....are you a team player and capable of working with diverse people?

The young applicants...just out of college and ready to earn cash to pay back their college debt....will say yes.

The interview process will go fine and at the end....they will be in the hiring process, and a single sheet of paperwork will be signed to talk about the probation period.

Two months...maybe four months into this period....this new employee is going to come up and complain about so-and-so old white engineer boss and the suggestion to HR that the old guy is a racist or fascist.

The HR guy will smile and pull out the form they filed neatly away, and let you know that your probation period ended, and you will not be kept with the company.  Shock will of course occur.  Then HR will explain that they don't have time to baby-sit whiners like you, and whatever you learned in college....didn't prepare you for the real business world.

So the kid walks out....reapplies, and finds in six months the same situation....probation ending in termination.

At some point, the WaPo and NY Times crowd will invent some new term for these young men and women.....complete with a degree but just not capable of working in a diverse environment.  The question will eventually return to the university campus, and if they did something wrong in the education phase.

The sad thing is that billions will have been wasted on young men and women....teaching them virtually nothing over four years and making them mostly useless for the rest of their life.

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