Wednesday, 30 August 2017

The Vet Story

I picked up an article by Campus Reform today.  Interesting topic....banning veterans from college campuses.

Someone out at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs wrote up a poster-flyer...saying "in order to protect our academic institutions we must ban veterans from four-year universities.”

The suggestion from the flyer is that you really can't allow any potential right-wing individuals to attend campus lectures and they have to be under some type of suppression.

Why?  The general comment is that a campus is supposed to be a place of education....understanding safe territory, etc.

The flyer says: “Many veterans openly mock the ideas of diversity and safe spaces for vulnerable members of society.”

At some point in the flyer, there is even a statement that veterans can't see individuals of color.

Then the best part of the flyer comes out....suggesting that vets present “overwhelming” presence.

So you'd sit and eventually ask....well...where can veterans go to be educated, and the suggestion schools and junior two-year colleges.  Only kids should attend real four-year universities.

I sat and read through it.  Several things come to mind.

1.  The child-like mentality present in the that of a 13-year-old evident.  Overwhelmed?  What exactly do they think they will get as they wrap up the degree....go out to the real world, and find these veterans are now their bosses and directors?  If you couldn't handle the vets in certainly want be able to handle them in the real world.

2.  Safe zones?  A Marine vet will tell you that once you think you in a very unsafe pull out a trenching tool....dig a three-foot foxhole....and prepare to return fire.  Anything other than the not a safe zone.

3.  Vets can't see individuals of color?  Well....once you get through boot-camp, there is no real color barrier.  Everyone is screwed and by the team approach will the bulk of the team survive.  It's absolutely true....a vet just doesn't have much on color vision.

4.  The problem I see here is that once Professor Jones starts some lecture on the great benefits of socialism in life....the veteran will ask which country will this be found, and the lecture will dissolve in a matter of ten minutes because the veteran won't accept some 3rd-grade marginal classroom talk by some idiot pretending to be a professor.

5.  The suggestion here of the vets being isolated to trade schools and junior colleges?  Simply a joke.  They are acting like that they are the privileged class, and that vet is the under-privileged class.

Where this flyer idea will go?  It'll be chatted about for weeks, and the veterans in various classes will prepare themselves for punk-kids to intimidate them.  But in this's the wrong group to pick upon.  The fake intellectual crowd will be asked stupid questions and eventually have people ask how they got to such a level of stupidity.

My guess is that some professor actually wrote the flyer and hopes to generate some heated discussion. It'll go nowhere.

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