Sunday, 13 August 2017

The Zuckerberg Candidacy

For a couple of weeks now....I've observed bits and pieces of news that indicate that Facebook's CEO....Mark Zuckerberg is going to run for President in 2020.  It's NOT guaranteed and simply that he's done three or four things that would put him into the Democratic Primary.

The odds of this occurring?  If I were betting....less than 25-percent chance.

There are two negative factors on Zuckerberg.  First, he can't handle criticism to any degree....this has been seen in several interviews over the past five years.  Second, in a debate forum....he's shown that he's prepared to just say one single message.  If the opposition debate person were to challenge or force a comeback....Zuckerberg doesn't have the debate skills to actually engage or come back.

All of this considered, there are the two positive factors....he's got easily $400 million of his own capital that he could put into the Primary.  He also has name-brand recognition that most Democrats can't talk about.  If you walk onto any campus least ninety-percent know Zuckerberg.  Course, the other negative is that if you walked into any rural area of the south and said 'Zuckerberg'....fewer than forty-percent would be able to identify him.

In the 1990s...I worked in a particular career field within the Air Force that had nothing to do with technology or computers. At some point, an introduction phase was occurring and I ended being pushed into the trend as a trainer for software applications. This meant that I had to interact with the engineers, geeks, nerds, and techies. I had no trouble in fitting into this new trainer situation and relating applications to actual users. But when it came time to sit down and engage with the hardware/software engineers...I came to regard them as juvenile, fairly incapable of making rational decisions beyond their trade, and living mostly within a ‘bubble’.

I retired in 2013 and regard that twenty-year period of interaction with the engineers and geeks as a stimulating period. As long as you can keep them focused on a precise trail within their capability...they are a benefit to the organization. Beyond that, you really don’t want them in a leadership position, or a situation of authority. This suggestion in the past month that Zuckerberg (the Facebook guru) thinking of a run for Presidency.....has me a bit amused and worried. If you went looking for a hundred skill-sets that a President ought to have, I doubt that you will find more than three sets (of a hundred) that he might presently have.

What most of these geeks or computer-engineer guys need?  Somewhere in that college period....they need to be pushed off to some real work environment to interact with real people.  A canoe-rental operation, a bartender job, a grocery clerk job, or spend couple hours a week on some farm.   In essence, they need to understand there is a whole big world out there beyond the one-direction mentality that they tend to use in the lab or developmental stage.

Without people-skills....they can't connect.  In this Zuckerberg situation?  I see him walking into Iowa and discovering that he really can't connect with the general public (course, Hillary had the same problem there).  Maybe he could pep up the intellectual crowd and the university kids....but with the working-class folks?  It would be a joke.

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