Saturday, 5 August 2017

Two Ancestors

I have two ancestors who crossed 'oceans' and stepped foot upon another land....each different in the load that they carried.

1.  "Job".  At the age of 19, Job left London, bound for Virginia as an indentured crop-guy.  In this period, you'd go and make an arrangement on paper that said for a period of time....usually two to three'd go and work for a family farm in the new world. In some ways, it was a way to escape London....which had gone through the plague period, and Job had likely seen an awful lot of deaths in the year or two prior to his exodus (spring of 1666).  Oddly enough, he misses the great London fire, which occurs weeks after he leaves.

This is the guy who wrapped up his farm-worker period successfully, and then became a tobacco farmer himself.

If you look at the kid....he likely had a canvas bag with a change or two of clothing, and nothing else.  His adventure on the vessel took six to eight weeks, and he probably came to appreciate the farming atmosphere

2.  Raoul II de Taisson Dodleston.  Yeah....a Norman (French).  In his case, he'd progressed up the chain...noted as a Lord in Normandy, and died at the age of 66....crossed the English Channel in October of 1066, and ended up on the battlefield of Hastings.  He too...probably had a canvas bag with a change of clothing.

He was probably too old for the Battle of Hastings, and the remarkable amount of physical activity required.

In Raoul's case....his son got some piece of the reward, and ended up in the Cheshire area.

Each of the two crossed a fair amount of water, to reach some stage in his life.  The older guy felt he was obligated in some way....the younger looking for a second chance in his life.

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