Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Dream On

Because it's been in the news....a moment or two to simplify and explain the Dream-Act episode.

1. The Dream Act is short for Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act.  It was written as a legislative multi-piece process for getting alien minors into the US (people over 35 would NOT qualify).  Yes, it was age discrimination that the House and Senate (both GOP and Democrats) were writing.  All of this process would lead a young alien kid to permanent residency.

2.  All of the requirements required a six-year period.  It was never clear if enough 'gate-keepers' were around to monitor the progress of the individuals on their six-year mission.

3.  The entry rules under this draft?  First, you had to be of good moral character (this wasn't clearly defined, and it's Republicans and Democrats who remarkably wrote this rule....both generally lacking moral character).  You should NOT have entered the United States on a non-immigrant visa.  Somehow, in the midst of all of this....you have some proof of having arrived in the US before age 16.  If you arrived at age 16 years, and one week?  Well, you'd fail on the 'proof-gimmick'.  You needed to show proof again that you were in the US for at least five consecutive years since their date of arrival.  If you left for six days of some funeral back in Honduras?  Well....that would disqualify you.  If you were a guy, you needed to register with the Selective Service.  Finally, you needed to have a high school certificate, or a GED, or have been in some institution of higher education

4.  The first version of this act started out in 2001 (yeah, it was sixteen years ago).  It NEVER passed via the House.

5.  A second version of this act came up later in 2001.  It NEVER passed.

6.  Another round of the Dream Act came up in 2007.  It NEVER passed.

7.  Another round of the Dream Act came up in 2009, with the Democratic House, Democratic Senate, and Democratic President.  It NEVER passed.

8.  Another round of the Dream Act came up in 2010, with the same combination of characters.  It NEVER passed.

9.  Another round of the Dream Act came up in 2011, with Harry Reid personally carrying the draft.  It NEVER passed.

10.  In 2012, President Obama just more or less wrote an understanding that he'd enforce it....even though it's not a law.  Oddly, throughout this entire period from 2012 to 2017....the GOP held grave reservations over the way it was written and wanted it removed.  So here we are in 2017, with President Trump, and he is removing the understanding, and challenging both the GOP and Democrats to go ahead....craft the legislation, and pass it.  The odds?  They won't do it.

You can laugh about the whole fake nature of the act....that you can't find enough characters from either party to ever pass it....yet they appear weekly on TV and talk a hyped-up sense over the whole thing.

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