Monday, 18 September 2017

The X-Class Truck

 I went off to the Frankfurt International Car Show today.  Lots of innovation and new trends.

So I turned a corner, and here is the new Mercedes pick-up.

It is a great vehicle.....lots of power....high quality seats that flip to six different settings or tilts.

The thing is....because of the cost....what guy would really want to go and put farm-like cargo in the rear?  Looking at the US market?  No doubt.

Then I came to this deal in the rear....a bike-transport rack.  It's hard to imagine any farmer getting some idea to haul bicycles around with this type truck.

Cost?  Way more than most folks would pay.

Maybe if you were a fake southerner with some high-class professional pay situation and just wanted a status symbol in your driveway to impress the'd make sense.

If I brought up with my brother...he'd go over the stats and be impressed with the power and look, but he'd give you ten reasons why he just couldn't go and haul hay or cattle feed around with this.

How many will sell per year in the US?  You just don't know.  It might be a trend.

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Anonymous said...

From the brother: Yep, no "standard" holes in the bed for cattle sideboards. I'd have to cut those out with a plasma cutter right off the bat.