Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Europe Rehab Story

For a week, off and on, I've been following this Harvey Weinstein story.  To be honest, on my rating terms of real news, from one to's rating near a '1'....meaning that it's not really news. 

It's basically a story of a wannabe big-wig for some Hollywood studio who sat around for three decades hitting on women and no one said much of anything.  Not the women, not the studio, and not the journalists (they actually had the story available for a decade). Now, for some odd gal mentioned something, and the NY Times did a fantastic 180-degree turn to briefly tell the story.  Why?  That's a complete unknown.

Now?  I read off TMZ that Harvey got on a private jet and flew off to Europe yesterday.....heading to a private rehab clinic that does sex addiction treatment.  No one says much over where the clinic is located.

I sat and pondered over this.  To be honest, most places where you'd go in Europe....folks would be generally hyped up over lusty stuff.  Desensitizing you from sex addition?  It's a curious thing to imagine.

This might be some Swiss clinic on top of some mountain....with Swiss therapists who get all chatty about internal feelings and harmony with nature.  Maybe two a go and have goat cheese, with some glacier water....then you roll around in some freshly cut hay to chill out.

This might be a Finnish clinic by some lake....with Finnish therapists who get all chatty about your intellectual side, and how you need to use such-and-such Finnish technique to control your urges.  Then the lunch folks will wheel out some bear meat, moose steaks, and 9-percent beers, letting you sweat out things in some sauna and then jump into the icy waters of the lake.

Or this might be a British clinic in the midst of some rolling hill area of England....with Brit therapists  getting all chatty about Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, and Herbert Spencer.  They'd bring you into some room with two Scottish thug guys who assault you a bit, and insist upon proper manners when dealing with women.  After that, they'd bring you over to a pub....give you a hefty gammon sandwich with an ale, and then make you watch six hours of BBC every night.

Personally, I have my doubts about how this will improve any guy but at least he can say that he's been to a clinic and done the rehab program. 

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