Sunday, 1 October 2017

Banana Republic Mayor

I sat and watched some CNN piece yesterday.  The San Juan mayor in some critical talk...hyping up the hurricane mess and that the President was not doing anything to help the poor Puerto Rican folks.

Folks were out of water.  Folks were starving.

The problem is....I noticed this rather quickly....she's standing in front of tons and tons of food and water.  Image-wise, in about twenty seconds, she made her entire statement a 'joke'.

If she had made the statement against a brickwall, or standing by some might have made sense.  But once you stood in front of pallets of food/water, and you said that stuff wasn't getting to was a 'joke'.

What's happening in Puerto Rico?  Tons of supplies sit at the port.  Around 20-percent of the drivers necessary to deliver their job.  The rest are union-drivers and hyped to make some kind of negotiation angle and stalling on showing up to deliver the goods.

The US Teamster's Union?  They are recruiting and preparing to send down drivers to drive the trucks. What will happen if they attempt to drive the vehicles?  I'm guessing there's going to be trouble, and you will end up with a armed US National Guard convey team to escort every single truck.  That image will be another negative one for the isle.

So you have to wonder....why would any idiot want to stay on an island like corrupt, and so screwed up?

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