Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Moore and the Purity Angle

For weeks, I've been watching the Judge Moore situation develop out of my home state of Alabama.  Just about every single weird thing you could imagine.....has been said.

Today, I noticed that some pastor from the state (we have a lot of them) has noted that Moore might have pursued younger women (say age fourteen or fifteen) because they were chiefly the ones around with purity still left.

I sat and pondered over this statement.

Having grown up in the Alabama of the has to examine the purity or innocence comment carefully.  I would take a guess that more than 90-percent of the 17-year old gals in the region I grew up in....had lost purity at that age.  The 16-year old group.....maybe 70-percent had lost purity.  The 15-year olds?  Maybe fifty-percent.  So, yeah.....if you were going strictly for some young gal to establish a relationship and she absolutely needed to be pure (a virgin) might have to dip down into the fourteen-year old group.

The thing is....most guys would have said that they'd prefer someone who wasn't pure, and this whole discussion of a virgin gal is null and void.....unless of course, you were some nutcase in your late 20s or early 30s.

How stupid is this get some minister to suggest something like this?  Well, that's how far the whole mess has fallen.

All of this ought to trigger folks to ask why so many young ladies were not pure, but the news media don't seem to care. 

At some point here, I suspect some teacher from Judge Moore's youth (being near 80 now) will step out on CNN and say she had relations with young Moore when he was thirteen, and that corrupted him for the rest of his life. 

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