Thursday, 9 November 2017


Back in 2006, NBC produced a TV show called 'Heroes'.  It blasted along for the first year and was among the top shows on TV.  Year number two saw a fair decrease in viewers.  Year three and four were marginal.  The hype for the show?  We intend to save the world.

The whole creativity and sales point of the script was that these special people were going out and saving the world. 

It's one of those odd things that stand out today....a decade later.  We have all these people focused on saving the world today.  There are agenda groups...individuals....hyped up on some purpose which leads to their participation and drive toward saving the world.

Since the November election a year ago....I look upon a significant number of people being in some hero-status and expecting Hillary come to arrive and help save their world.  Without Hillary, in their eyes....the world can't be saved.  I's comical in a way, but that's the fractured nature of society in 2017.  The adolescents who grew up in the past two decades were lectured over and over by peers and teachers....we are all on a mission to save the world.  Failure or having the wrong people to save the world....isn't an option.

I sat in Detroit's airport for two hours this past summer and watched some CNN 'hype'....becoming amused over the commentary of passengers in the waiting status and their negativity of CNN's 'save-the-world' theme. These were obvious people who weren't into saving-the-world and can't be brain-washed with the intellectual message anymore. Ten to twenty years ago?  They would have questioned their skeptic nature and just bought off on CNN's message.  Today?  There's a powerful amount of skeptic nature brewing in America. 

Kids freaking out in college about commentary challenging their view of the world?  Well, this gets back into the hero mentality.  Imagine Batman being told by folks not to rescue them or save them.....that he needs to just back off and leave the situation.  These adolescent kids are sitting there at age eighteen and see their mission in the next decade as to save-the-world, even if people don't want their services.

The snowflake generation?  I would actually prefer to call it the saving-the-world generation, and they can't imagine anyone turning them down.

Where this all leads onto?  I'm of the mind that a lot of these adolescent adults will wake up around age thirty and realize that there really isn't that much to save.  After they've been told x-number of times to desist on saving action....they will go into some stage of self-examination, and then realize that they've been brain-washed in various ways to believe something. 

The idea of Hillary being this hero to save-the-world? can only be special people doing this line of work.  Hillary....Batman....Bernie....Flash....Superman...Obama.....Ironman...etc.  Trump?  No, he can't be a save-the-world kind of guy. It's a silly discussion but we got here because of juvenil understanding and adolescent behavior. 

How did the Heroes TV show come to fade after the first season?  People just got tired of the theme, and that'll be what happens in real life.

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