Saturday, 2 December 2017

Alabama and Moore

By midnight on the 12th of December, the Senate race in Alabama will be over.  Most folks (99-percent I think).....will say that it was the most entertaining race in their lifetime,.  Some will say that they'd like to see this yearly....strictly as entertainment.  So, my ten observations over this episode:

1.  Jones, the Democrat, never stood a chance.  If he'd been a Blue-Dog Democrat....lesser theatrics by the women involved...and someone other than Moore, he might have won.

2.  Of all the six-million characters in the throw young-gal 'mud' at someone....the wrong character to pick upon and figure he'd collapse his election and just quit?  Moore would have been the last person to pick upon.  On the Alabama stubbornness scale, from one to ten.....Moore pushes a '12'.

3.  When the national comedians and talk-show folks jumped into this and felt that their gimmick would shift votes?  Oh, they were way-off in understanding the character of Alabama folks, and that people stay up at night to watch their late shows. 

4.  The power of the Baptist vote in the state?  Proven yet again....that it matters.

5.  Mitch anxiety among Alabama folks?  You can gather ten GOP-likely voters in a general store, and likely get some fairly negative comments uttered by six of them over Mitch McConnell. 

6.  That corrupt GOP image out of Montgomery, and left-over feelings about Governor Bentley?  Yes.  I would say a third of the outcome here for Moore....was anger about Luther Strange and his gimmick relationship with Bentley.  Without Bentley's lusty relationship and the whole deal worked out?  I think that Strange would have appeared somewhat clean, and Ivey would have allowed him to stay in DC.

7.  The black vote.  Well....if the Democrats had gone out and recruited early on some black candidate....I think it might have mattered on voting, and put another 250,000 votes up for their guy.  But this was not that type of race.

8.  The change in polling from three months ago and today?  None.  Polls that kept saying Moore was down?  Wrong. 

9.  Is Moore crazy?  I'd guess that 60-percent of GOP voters would say they'd prefer someone else, but it was Moore or Strange.  That's how we got to this point.

10.  Folks wanting to unseat Moore in DC?  Ask yourself....what exactly of an illegal thing, has Moore done?  Can you prove this point?  Want to drag the ladies up to DC and discuss their sexual escapes for public consumption?  You'd just be begging for trash talk by the public. 

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