Wednesday, 27 December 2017

The Bubble Game

I follow business news and it's hard to avoid looking at three enormous bubbles that exist in the stock market today:

1. The China bubble.  Tons of buildings go up each year....maybe 60 million apartments sitting real game plan.

2.  The Bitcoin bubble.  What's it really worth?  It's useless to really discuss this because it's worth nothing unless you had something behind it.  There is nothing.

3.  The College-loan bubble.  $1.4 trillion.  No one can explain from the this can possibly be reduced or controlled.  It simply continues on.  We will likely hit 2-trillion by the end of 2019. 

There are another dozen smaller bubble which could equal out the property bubble of 2008....but these particular bubbles are more serious than the 2008 episode. To have two of these occur in one single year?  That's the scenario that you have to start worrying about. 

The odd thing is that the US government just doesn't care.  The six months before the 2008 bubble burst?  Absolutely not a care in the any agency of the US government.

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