Friday, 6 January 2017

Democratic Talk

President-elect Trump selected Rep Price (Rep-Georgia) to be the cabinet officer for the health department.  Yesterday....Senate Democrats pushed forward on a an ethics probe into Tom Price.  Their accusation?  That he traded in healthcare stocks while pushing legislation in Congress....which 'might' have affected the value of such stocks.

I don't have a problem with such an investigation....but I wouldn't limit it to one single guy.  I'd go and make this a complete 360-degree investigation into every single member of the House and Senate....their spouses....and their kids...over the past five years.

Yeah, I'd make this the witch-hunt of all witch-hunts.

How many folks would I snare?  Probably eighty to ninety percent of these cynical and incompetent individuals and their spouses would become a "problem".

If I were President Trump, I'd turn the FBI and SEC loose....let them pick up the bits and pieces and publicize it via Twitter on each single individual and what he or she bought, and profited.

I think everyone would quietly shut up and drop all their games at that point.