Saturday, 7 January 2017

Megyn Kelly and Conventional Wisdom

What did NBC get for the twenty million dollars a year with Megyn Kelly?

Their idea was that some Fox News viewers would cross the line and leave watch Megyn with NBC.  How much analysis was accomplished to prove this?  I'm guessing little to none.

My humble opinion is that maybe out of all the viewers that watched Megyn nightly on Fox....maybe five-percent will cross and stay with Megyn.  The rest?  They will adapt to the next Fox News 'player' who appears.  The bulk won't go to NBC.

Let's be honest.  Tucker Carson, who is getting her basically being groomed for the replacement seat to O'Reilly in two or three years when he finally retires.  By that point, I think that Maria Bartiromo from Fox Business will get to one of these prime-time hours and be the long-term big-name for Fox News.

As for NBC?  In twelve months, they will admit that this whole thing was a bust but they can't find a way to get out of this contract, and Megyn becomes part of the whole NBC Today Show morning episode.

The Trail to Fake News?

Before you get all excited over Russia and fake news possibly affecting the US election....sit back a moment and consider what exactly the US created in 1949 and continues to operate today....Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty.

Both were tools or media-control devices used to broadcast out to Soviet-dominated Europe and across to Russia today.

Both bundle a US-version of news (possibly propaganda) which might be true, partially-true, partially fake, or entirely fake.

The Russians don't own fake news....they just juice up the stuff like RFE or RL would do, and pump it out as well.