Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Seventy-Minute Question

Crimes with an element of mystery often interest me.  So it is with the Seth Rich murder in DC.....the Democratic operative who was shot dead in mid-July at 4:20 AM.

Cops robbery took place (nothing taken).  Some people think that he was killed because he was the leaker for info going to WikiLeaks.

But there's this odd piece of the story that dangles out there for me.

At 2:30AM, Seth Rich leaves the bar in northwest DC to walk home.  It's roughly a mile to walk back to his place.  A normal guy can make the mile, without curves or hills, or any obstacle in about twenty minutes.  Some folks might have a fast pace....maybe sixteen minutes.  Some older guys....slower pace....twenty-four minutes.

For Seth, he's noted shot at 4AM (90 minutes).

What does a guy do or accomplish in that 70-odd minutes leftover?

You can build a process-chart and discuss this for hours.  If he was absolutely drunk, you might explain the 70 minutes by just saying he was walking in circles, or went two miles in the opposite direction before correcting himself.  But no one from the bar says he was drunk.

If this were daylight, some guys might stand there to observe the landscape or admire some water-fountain.  But it was evening hours.

So you just sit and wonder.   Was he talking to someone for 70-odd minutes and then got shot? Some woman perhaps?  Some guy?  Or was he just sitting at some park bench and thinking about some problem?

Distance from the White House or Capital building?  About 10,000 feet.  You could walk it in 50 minutes.

My guess is that he bumped into someone outside the bar and the two engaged in a 70-minute conversation.  It didn't end well for the 2nd party, and they felt Seth was a "problem".  But if that's not the case.....then what did the guy do for seventy minutes?