Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Parody: How America Was Brought to It's Knees by Russia

Note: Parody.

Yes, somewhere in the late 1950s....Russia, then the Soviet Union, made a wise decision to faciliate a change to the United States.  It would secretly bring 300,000 Soviet spies, educated to speak English and act American into the United States via Mexico.

These 300,000 Soviet spies would easily cross the border and move out to particular states.  In those states, the chief mission was to ensure quick and easy addition to voting lists, and be registered voters.  Because of the incompetent behavior of American voting officials....the Russians were able to register not just once or twice, but in numerous cases....were registered as many as four or five times.  So in effect, the 300,000 agents were 1.2 million in voting strength.

As time went by, fifty of these Soviet spies were able to infiltrate the voting lists agencies and begin phrase two....registering dead people.  In some states, the Soviet plan of keeping 100,000 dead voters on the lists proved very successful.

By the late 1960s, the Soviet spies could admit that they were able to manipulate at least 1.8 votes in US elections.

The real success of the program?  1968....helping Richard Nixon win the election by basing a significant number of the 300,000 spies in five southern states and ensuring southern Democrats voted for Wallace and helped to edge out Humphrey.

The 1976 election required the Soviet team to move almost 150,000 of the agents to several key southern states, double and triple-registering them as ensure Jimmy Carter's win.

In 1988, came the first failure of the Soviet program....moving almost 250,000 of the Soviet agents over the mid-west and north-east....they were simply not able to get enough votes generated for Dukakis.  It was a massive failure for the Russians and the chief of the department was forced into retirement.

With the wall collapsing and changes coming....the Soviet Union was no more.  Russia would emerge and decide the program had was retained.

In 1992, with a new strategy and a new boss for the program, the Russians were able to ensure nine states went to Bill Clinton.  Awards and personal recognition occurred within the program for that success.

With ease in 1996....even with the Monica affair brewing....the Russians ensured the success of Bill Clinton again.

In 2000, the Russians awoke to realize a massive pro-Bush element existed against their candidate (Gore).  All 300,000 agents were directed to spread out to all fifty states....something that had not been done before.  For Florida....less than 2,000 agents were placed, and they were only able to generate triplicate votes.  It was a massive failure for the program, and the chief was fired.

In 2004, the Russians attempted a anti-Bush campaign, by moving 200,000 of their agents into the Rust-Belt and trying to manipulate a total of 1.1 million votes.  This was again a failure.

In 2008, the Russians brilliantly played the game out by ensuring the incompetent McCain was the chief candidate against their chosen "winner" (Obama).  At least 150,000 Russian agents were in Florida and helped to ensure the win for Obama.

Minimal effort was exercised in 2012 with the Russian agents.

For the 2016 election?  The Russians fanned out across four states, and were controlling approximately 1.5 million pro-Hillary votes, which included triplicate-voters and dead voters.  In bitter shock, the Russians came to realize two days before the election that they simply couldn't swing enough votes in four key states.  Attempts were made to move 10,000 agents into place and get registered at the last minute, but this was a failure.

The Russians sat in shock....their entire effort to bring Hillary Clinton into the White House....a failure.  Very quickly, the boss of the program was fired and replaced.

For 2020?  The Russians intend to use the US news media, fake news, and the aging 300,000 agents for one big blitz against Trump.  One of the weak points of the program is that the 300,000 agents are growing older and complain about this continual directive to move every four to eight years to manipulate particular states.  The Russians now realize that they may have to go and recruit a whole new team, and this is causing tension in Russia that they'd have to give up 300,000 of their younger citizens for this key program.

Yes, it is a bitter failure to realize within hours....Trump will take a position that the Russians fought so hard to prevent.  It should be Hillary Clinton.....someone that they could easily manipulate.  But in the Russian mind, 2020 is only four years away and maybe Hillary can be brought back again.