Thursday, 12 January 2017

Spiral of McCain

After reading through all of the Trump dossier talk....which all leads back to Senator John McCain....I've come to a moment of reflection.

McCain reminds me of some 007-secret agent guy.....always on some plane and meeting exciting people (like those ISIS folks back in May of 2013 when he just happened to be in Syria).

Course, in the real story of James Bond, he was always up against some really bad characters at SMERSH.

SMERSH seemed to always be crafting some world domination theme.  One week hitting on the world economy, then shifting to gold manipulation, then flipping over to water control, and then ramping up operations to steal nuke material.

In the case of James Bond....he worked against SMERSH, day and night.

In the case of Senator John McCain....he seems to be an integral part of SMERSH....maybe a puppet....maybe just a pawn.

If I were looking for that event that occurs about every hundred years where the GOP meets and fires one of it's members, I'd say this is likely one of those approaching moments.  McCain would be better off at this point as a Democrat or Independent.