Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Other Side of the Dossier Story

This week, the BBC (generally reliable) did some research on the Trump dossier story and came to realize that former MI6 007-secret agent man Christopher Steele had his company hired (Orbis is the company name) to do a research project for Jeb Bush during his disastrous 2015/2016 campaign period.

What happened when this story came out noting Steele?  He disappeared.  His company only says that he's taking some time off and he'll comment later.

There are some questions here....since Jeb came out in the middle of the week and said he was not the one to sponsor this.

1.  When Steele reappears and chats on this topic.....who will be the one that contracted Steele?  Does it go straight back to Jeb and his inner circle, or some outsider-turned-Jeb sponsor?

2.  When they contracted Steele, where exactly did he get his info on Trump?  Did he actually get it from the Russians?  Did he get from internal MI6 files?  Did he get from some other 007-secret agents-turned independent contractor?  Did he get it from the Turks?  Did he get it from the CIA folks?

3. When the contract was did they pay Steele?  Did they pay on the table and was it Brit-taxed?  Or did they pay via an off-shore company, to a off-shore bank account?

My guess is that Steele is sitting there now with a ton of pressure by the folks who contracted him to avoid telling their participation in this episode.  Course, he'll take the fall for them....perhaps....if there's some more cash involved.   But the Brit tax folks might be very curious how he got paid and if this was all legit income.

The sad thing is that this might all come back to Jeb and his inner circle who crafted this idea and then realized how crazy it was....trying to just pretend it didn't exist.  Then McCain, always outside of the circle, heard about some report and got someone with some money to buy a copy of it.  Ask McCain what he or his associate had to do to acquire the dossier.....did they spend money?  My humble thinking is that some more money crossed over....again, perhaps lacking Brit taxation.

The dossier in the end....will brand a couple of GOP folks as 'problem-children' and cause the party to invent a method of kicking them out.

The Thing About Dossiers

This week, with all this chatter on Trump's dossier business, and the secret 007-agent in the middle of this business....I sat and pondered.

This Trump dossier is said to be 35 pages long.

Just so we are grasping this whole dossier business....if the Russians had this one dossier on Trump, how many other dossiers exist in their archive?  One-hundred thousand?   Three-hundred-thousand?  A million?  Twenty million?  One could sit there and speculate on this.

The Bill Clinton dossier?  It's probably well into the 100 page length....detailing his women, his choice of hotels, his bedroom antics, etc.

The Harry Reid dossier?  It probably details exactly what happened with the black eye business, his Vegas property dealings, and various women that he might have at least bumped into.

The Richard Nixon dossier?  Probably upwards to 400 pages long...discussing his booze, his conflicts, and movie selection.

The Romney dossier?  Probably 1.5 pages long....mostly talking about his investment selection, suggesting an addiction to Orange Crush, and a list of Disney movies that he's watched.

VW's former CEO Winterkorn?  He's probably in the group and got a forty page  dossier.  It mostly details private life details, explanations on the diesel engine conflict, and his preferred alcohol.

Hillary Clinton?  It might be 200 pages long, and contain mostly stuff about the Clinton Foundation, arguments with Bill, and her health information.

Oddly enough, there's probably even a dossier for CNN's Anderson Cooper (probably twenty-six pages), and NBC's Lester Holt (probably eight pages).

Chancellor Merkel?  She's probably got the old DDR dossier, and a newer German dossier....between the two of them....maybe a hundred pages of material.

Why suggest all this dossier business.  Years ago, I was reading a short news piece of a Air Force pilot who'd gotten out and turned into a commercial pilot.  He'd found this lucrative contract for a cargo transport company.....operating in Africa.  This was during the period of the Angola conflict....where Cubans and Russians were part of the landscape of this chaotic time.  The pilot one day....ended up being captured while over this region.  I forget the details of his crash or forced-to-land situation, but he ended up in Angolan hands. He was moved around and ended up in some jail-like situation. An interview-turned-interrogation started up.  He was set to only suggest he was a plain old commercial pilot with no real interest in the conflict and no military background.  Oddly, the Angola crew had all this information on him....detailing out his military period, assignments, etc.  The only way they could have gotten this?  He figured the Russians had a dossier on him.  It's crazy, but it could be millions of people have dossiers on them in some Russian archive.

So while the news people freak out over Trump's dossier, and the odds are that it's a fake dossier, created by some 007-secret agent guy.....if you accept the dossier story, then shouldn't there be a Hillary dossier and a John McCain dossier?

If I were the Russians and this whole dossier thing bothered me, then I might suggest....lets make things interesting.  Every seven days for the next year....release one of these dossiers.  I'd pick Republicans and Democrats.....maybe even some journalists....perhaps even some entertainment folks.  Let's make this whole worrisome business more interesting.

You have to might be interested in what Ted Kennedy's dossier contains....or Lady GaGa's dossier.