Thursday, 19 January 2017

This New Weapon

Years ago, I worked in a vault-type job, which involved numerous hours each month with nothing much to I'd sit and pick up some topic and spend an entire day reading on some topic that 99-percent of Americans never viewed or discussed much.

One day, I picked up the topic of EMP....Electro Magnetic Pulse.  It's an interesting topic.

Decades ago, scientist discovered that you could build some type of weapon and it'd generate enough electrical discharge to take out an electrical component.  For example, you make this discharge at X-number of feet and everything around that circle....from airplanes to TVs....would be destroyed in terms of operational ability.  The circuit in effect, destroyed.  A city like Seattle?  You could make everything from computers, to buses, and onto telephones....non-op.

Today, I picked up the Daily Mail out of London, and there's this nifty story.   Some scientists have convinced the US military that they can build some type of artillery shell....which you could fire from some distance (I'm guessing ten to twenty miles away)....and it'd cripple 'civilization' within that circle.  No one says how much but one might guess you could shut down a base, or some forward operating area, or some complex.  Guns would function, but your tanks would be sitting there and would be helicopters, and radar.

In this case, you could take on a superior-type group, and just use a couple of artillery weapons to keep moving forward and knocking the opposing force 'back to the stone-age' one hour at at time.

Removing the necessity of using nuke weapons?  Yeah, more or less.  Some folks might want to argue it'll never replace any weapons, but if you just look at the way you could move a smaller force forward and easily take over a becomes a fairly easy task.  Without radios, communications gear, radar, and vehicle movement....your ability to fight any protracted war is virtually zero.

How long will this sit in some test phase?  Unknown.  It might be there for twenty years.