Sunday, 22 January 2017

How to Handle Violent Protesters

Watching the thugs perform their 'art' in DC from the last two days....I can safely say there are two protest types.  The first one goes and just marches....with a few chants, and is there for the companionship mostly.  The second is there for car-burning, thug-assaults, and building damage.

Cops arrested some of group two.  News folks say minimum of two hundred.  Some were part of a group that harmed a couple of DC cops....their charges will bump up a notch.  What the news folks that you could get between one and ten years in prison for the damage business, and up to a $25,000 fine.

My suggestion for this thug-assault and building-burner group....the judge ought to walk in and make this a pretty simple deal.  You can admit guilt, take a two-year prison sentence with a $10,000 fine....or take the rehab $10,000 in cash and wear a GPS-ankle bracelet for three years with restrictions.

Restrictions?  You are limited to five locations for three years: (1) your job, (2) grocery stores, (3) medical facilities, (4) the home of your parents or relatives, and (5) church.  No booze locations, movie theaters, or protests.  

It's mostly time to treat the thugs as immature adults and acting out some pretender rage.  Ground them....send them home.

The Bridge-Burner-Bunch

I sat and viewed video from the last two days from DC....over the riots and protests.  Fires were set.  Some business operations were damaged.  Lot of interviews from "sour" participants over Trump.  After a while, I came to ID the whole the bridge-burner-bunch.

These are the various groups that currently make up the bulk of the Democratic Party.

The gay agenda club, the Trans crowd, the feminist gang, the environmental folks, the BLT outfit, the teacher's union faction, the anti-capitalist bulls, the young intellectual Bernie-sect, and university-revolutionary squad.

When interviews occurred, each had something to represent their theme.

The problem don't see some middle-of-the-road regular Democratic guy who works his 40 to 50 hours a week and pays his taxes, and just wants his piece of the Democratic agenda.  Over the past two decades, this team logo of the Democrats has been mostly taken over by the groups I mentioned before.  When you look at the voting characteristics now in a typical election.....the Democrats can count on two types of counties for their where it's mostly people on gov't programs of welfare, and the second in highly urbanized areas.  This 25-percent chunk of Democratic support isn't doing well against the remaining 75-percent of the nation.

The thing about all this coverage by the news media, and their thinking that this will light some match and get anti-Trump feeling going.....I would suggest otherwise.  If I were the mid-class regular Democrat guy who voted for Trump....I'd look upon these dimwits in DC, with their damage to businesses and continued bridge-burning a big negative.  It'd only convince me the party has damaged itself, and these thugs are part of the problem...NOT part of the solution.

Long-term, if this is the image presented and hyped up by the news media....the Democratic Party will sit and swallow some bitter pills in 2018, and 2020.  As long as they see the 3,100-odd counties do a 75-25 split....their window of opportunity is non-existent.