Monday, 23 January 2017

The Issue of Going to an Inauguration

I've never been to an Inauguration.  Nor do I have any interest in going to one.

I talked to a fair extent with two individuals over the years that I worked with and they had been either part of the crowd and part of the support staff for the Presidential Inauguration in DC.  Both of them pointed dozens of issues and were rather blunt in the's not something that is "fun".

1.  The weather.  DC weather in January is typically below freezing, and could have a slight breeze.  The idea of staying out in some open area for eight hours is a big problem.  As one guy noted to me.....there were various tents put up around DC for folks to warm up.  But these tents get clogged up with large crowds trying to warm themselves up.

2.  Getting into the heart of DC.  Basically, you need to drive to one of the Metro stations in Maryland or Virginia, and start this trip by 7AM. For some, it'd mean getting up by 2AM, and driving a fair distance to find parking lot at some Metro station, and then wage a battle to reach the intended area.  Returning home?  Well, that's also part of the problem with thousands of people wanting to immediately leave after the ceremony.

3.  Food and water.  Some trucks and stands operate, but it's of a limited nature.

4. Sitting down.  As one of the folks I talked to described it.....he had one single chance over eight hours to sit.  He would have liked to have brought a chair along but hadn't thought about this until it was too late.

Why run this in January?  You would think that someone would have brought up the issues and tried to reshuffle the Inauguration to April....but then you'd have to reshuffle the primary period, and the election itself, and no one wants to touch all three components.