Thursday, 26 January 2017

The Registered in Multiple States Story

A couple of journalists went out and did a weak job of investigation and gathered the facts that among the Trump circle, there are three individuals (Steve Bannon, Tiffney Trump, and Steve Mnuchin) are all registered to vote in two states each.

Why?  Well....they left that part out.  In fact, what they've opened up is a massive hole that the Democratic Party would REALLY prefer not to be discussed much.

So, here's the facts in a simplified world.  They lived in X-state, and they moved out of X-state to Y-state.  Their registration in X-state?  It's still on the books. This is part of the weakness of the system, in that states won't drop your name every year and force you to re-register.

Me?  Right now, I'm registered in my home state of Alabama, and 50-percent confident that I'm still registered in Virginia.  In fact, there is this remote possibility that I'm still registered from my long-term state of Colorado (dropping it in spring of 2010).  The odds that I'm still on the Colorado listing?  Probably a ten-percent chance.

Yeah, it's a harsh reality in that if your county says they have 150,000 people registered....that at least 1,000 of them aren't living in the county anymore, and should be removed.  Each state has different policies, and by opening up this little news'll trigger the federal government into likely forcing removal of everyone, and doing this every two years.

Pumping up this Bannon-Trump-Mnuchin story is a big screw-up for the press because once you understand how the system works and is so fouled up....the obvious answer is to force a solution which won't be helpful for the Democratic Party.

Years ago, I worked with a guy who lived in Virginia region (Fairfax) for several years.  He was registered to vote in Virginia and had done so.  One day....he moved to Maryland and bought a house (a 30 mile distance from the old house).  He signed up in Maryland but he was still carried on the Virginia listing.  The Air Force sent him to Texas for six months of temporary duty (he still lived in Maryland).  Halfway through this Texas short duty episode....he got his PCS orders to go onto Ramstein.  He figured the no state tax gimmick of Texas and before he left....he established himself as a Texas resident....registering to vote as well.  Texas, Maryland and Virginia were all carrying this guy on their voting list.  Neither Maryland or Virginia had any urgency to drop the guy.

The news journalists?  Swung on this story and flipped another fake story.  In each case, they will discover that the individual voted in one single election.

What's the record for being registered?  That would be curious to know.  Some college students (on the PhD deal) might be signed up for four or five different states.

So, it's an interesting story.....just that it's fairly fake. Dragging this out to the public?  I think this was a serious bad mistake that the Democrats will end up regretting the attention that it brought.