Friday, 27 January 2017

The Hillary Show

Some folks...mostly a very small group of journalists...have suggested a rumor they've heard in that Hillary Clinton will start up a TV-chat show shortly (maybe by the end of the year).

Why?  Generally, the comment comes around to keeping people focused on topics that Hillary thinks are important.

What network would sign up?  That's the funny thing.  No one can say. It won't be CNN or MSNBC, in my humble opinion.

Cost for a show?  You'd have to figure it's a five-day a week thing and at least 10-million dollars a year to stage the show and pay Hillary and the staff.

Problems?  Well, you can just imagine taping this each day....and Hillary goes into this coughing attack.  You'd stop the show for 30 minutes....start again the tape.  After you've done twenty of these shows and the coughing business is now described by the production would not be a positive.

Honestly, I can't think of a real reason to do this except that you might want to run again in 2020 against Trump.  Some expert might be convincing Hillary that Trump will be impeached and that she'd easily win the next just hang around for four years and wait for 2020.  For a lot of Democrats....this idea of another Hillary-campaign might be that thrilling.

My alternate plan?  Hire her for the View.  Less stress and four others to help carry the show.

Mexico and the Spiral

If you compare Mexico of 1975 and Mexico of 2017, you see two entirely different countries.  Economically, the Mexico of 2017 has benefited greatly and there's actually a middle-class....compliments of the trade agreement with the US.

This whole argument with Trump?  I think if I were the President of Mexico....I'd think what will happen in Mexico over the next three years.

That wall will be built and it will be somewhat effective.  Maybe folks will drift over to boats and try to make their way to San Diego or Texas via they do in Turkey and heading to Greece.

The 20-percent tariff?  It will occur and make Mexican products more expensive.  Less sales....less profits....less taxation....less employment.

It would be obviously smart to have some meeting and work out some simplified tax deal, where Mexico shifted $300 to $400 million a year to the US, and quietly paid for the wall.

Don't worry....the political folks in Mexico City aren't that smart.  So, in the end....they will destroy a 10-billion-dollar industrial base and revert Mexico back to the Mexico of 1975.  It's that simple.

If I were looking at this....I'd go and buy myself 10,000 rubber rafts from China and prepare to sell them to folks to cross over the sea into the US.....maybe at $50,000 a rubber raft (for 12 people).

Four Less at the State Department

The four top "Number 2's" within the State Department resigned yesterday.  Differing accounts on this episode, with most saying that four were not as cooperative as required, and were asked to resign by the Trump Administration.

Promptly, I noticed that a number of US media outlets went with the message that this massive loss would be felt for DECADES.  It was entertaining fiction.

Having worked in the military, commercial, and government service worker world....I can say that the reality is that no one is ever non-replaceable.  It may take a week, but you will find four folks...hire them....and quickly move on.

You can go to CNN and fire the head-boss and his next ten folks around him....CNN still continues on and broadcasts with no issues.  You can go back and watch how Dan Rather was fired from CBS, and it really didn't matter....things moved on.  FDR died in office, Truman stepped in, and America moved on.

Anyone using the claim of damage done for years or decades....simply isn't living in the real world.