Saturday, 28 January 2017


This week, California advanced to the next step of their own version of exit the US.

They have 180 days to gather roughly 585,000 signatures on a petition and thus get a ballot measure up for two questions.  One would remove any reference to desiring to be a participant in the United States from the state constitution.  The second question would be the question over CALEXIT....quitting the US and becoming it's own country.

Virtually no one is collecting poll data to indicate how this might go....which I find kinda interesting.

The groups onto this?  The anti-Trump crowd.  The radical university crowd.  The far-right crowd.  And the revolution folks who just want chaos of any type.  Can they get 585,000 signatures?  My guess is yes.  The 2019 election situation?  I have my doubts that they can reach 50-percent of the general public and convince them this is a great idea.

The odd thing is that I can probably find twenty million non-California US residents....who'd like to see them cast out, and forced to become a foreign country.

If they did reach the 55-percent point....would they walk the UK trail of BREXIT?  Would the US of 2019 be totally different from 1860, and actually stamp their exit paperwork with no problem?

There are three essential problems with this CALEXIT idea.

1.  You open up this can of worms, where if California did exit....would Alaska take the same route?  How about Florida?  Would Oregon and Washington exit together within ten years and form Evergreen?

2.  If California did succeed successfully....what limits this new country starting up with it's entire state?  Would it be possible that north California might succeed from the rest of California and now try to re-enter the US, as it's own state...."Jefferson"?  Could you end up with six countries existing instead of just one single nation of California?

3.  What if the US limits trade with the country of California?  Will they be able to survive some disenchantment period?  Would California eventually end up like Puerto Rico....mostly on the verge of bankruptcy?

It's an interesting topic....but you just don't see how it'd ever occur.