Sunday, 29 January 2017

Why I Have a CNN Problem

I sat this morning and watched twenty minutes of CNN.  They were hyped up and chatting about all the vetting that Syrian and Iraqi refugees get as they enter the US.  Weeks and weeks of intense investigation and clearing by the appropriate US agencies at work.

The thing that bothered me about this you get so often with that it was already known in 2016 that Syrian refugees were arriving with polio, measles, tuberculosis, hepatitis A, and some other infectious issues.

Already in 2013, WHO was commenting about polio making a comeback in Syria.

Who was vetting or testing the incoming crowd for these problems?

It's odd because you see the same trends in Germany.  No one seems to be health-testing in Germany, and TB is making a fair comeback at present.

The thing about CNN is that it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to go through their comments and find holes in most of what they chat about.  You could find a 14-year-old kid and just assign them five CNN facts and give them a weekend to prove or disprove them.  CNN does a lousy job.  It's like they hired marginal guys with no real background.....tell them to just state X-story....skip facts....and collect a pay-check.

As screwed up as RT (Russia Today) can be at times....CNN is at the same level.  You have to go back and read through their story and determine just how much is true.