Monday, 30 January 2017

Acme, the Road Runner, and the Coyote

There are two cartoons that I typically stop what I'm doing when I channel-flip and I notice one of the two is on: Dexter's Lab, and the Coyote/Road Runner crew from Warner Brothers.

What I appreciate about the Road Runner cartoons is that no matter how crafty, or clever, or brilliant that the Coyote ever gets.....he seems to not calculate the consequence or end-result.

So, this brings me the news media (the Coyote) and President Trump (the Road Runner).

Back in Feb and was a few lines here and there, and mostly this joke that you'd see on CNN, the BBC, or read through the Washington Post.

In July, it'd gone up to thirty minutes a day of Coyote-material.

By October and early was some bridge-burning episode and maximum Coyote-material.  The Acme Company was shipping tens of thousands of pounds of gear to the Coyote daily, and it seemed to be totally wasted.

The Road Runner?  He didn't really break stride or slow down.  The people around him?  They were Road Runners as well.  They weren't willing to play low-ball with the Coyote-thugs.

After the election, I kept thinking....well....the Coyote routine can't go on'd just burn too many bridges and the entertainment level would start to soar after four weeks of the Presidency.  Well, the Coyote crowd continues on.  Every single bridge crossed, makes them less and less likely of having some comeback.

From the series, the Road Runner never failed.  Course, it was all scripted and could not go otherwise.  But I have this odd feeling that you might be looking at eight years of Road Runner cartoons on a daily basis, and that Coyote failing over 300,000 times.  Those Acme folks will make a ton of money off the Coyote idiots.

In Case You Weren't Versed on the Holocaust

There was an omission over the weekend by the Trump White House in failing to acknowledge Jews as the one and only group who suffered under the Holocaust, by the evil Nazis.

It's a good slant item....worthy though....of fake news.

Oh, it's true that Trump didn't mention them as the one and only.

But before you jump into the news media's pocket on this....let's list the rest of the crowd who died under the Nazi-created Holocaust:

- Soviet POWs (yeah, they are listed as such)
- Germans and non-German disabled people
- Freemasons (in the 80,000 to 200,000 range)
- Romanians (same as the Freemasons)
- Serbs
- Ethnic Poles
- Gays
- Slovs
- Jehovah Witness folks (maybe up to 5,000)
- Spanish Republicans

The curious fact?  If you line up the Jews...with the remainder....the Jews only make up 50-percent of those who died under the Holocaust.  Did the CNN guy mention that?  Oh, did he skip that fact like all the rest for the past month or two?

To Fix Immigration

Generally, if you go and research the numbers, the best guess for illegal residents in the US...without a visa or active Green Card....rests between 15 and 25 million people.  Most reliable sources put the number closer to 20 million.

Eventually, it will come up how to reshape or solve this the wall is worked up and completed.  So, I've put several hours of research and thought into this, and have come to this simple four-step plan (it's not rocket-science).

1.  Open up a window for six to eight months.  During this period, you go and register yourself at a local office for process which will eventually (figure four to five years to reach an end-point) get you full citizenship, and while waiting...get you a verifiable visa (an actual card that you need to carry with you), and the card will allow you to have a social security number and be fully employed.

2.  This form you will fill out to enter the window-period?  It'll ask you to bring/present an ID from our home country (license, passport, etc).  No, that California driver's license won't work, nor will utility bills from your local electrical company.  The form will ask you about former residence in your home country and ask five or six questions to ensure it's the 'right' story.  Because.....we will go back and visit your home-town and ask to prove you exist.  No trace, no ID, no desire to prove your ID?  We don't process you, and we resettle you into a compound in Arizona or New Mexico where you will sit and work on getting your ID straighten out. As you can see...lying won't help you.

3.  Prosecution or jail-time before?  If it's a capital offense or more than a year in won't be processed, and you will be removed from the US.

4.  Registered to vote in the US, and having voted at least one time?  That will disqualify you entirely, and you will be removed from the US.  No return, no waiver, and no second chance.  For those who say it's unfair....on each registration sheet for any state, it certify yourself as an American citizen and "swear" to that affect.  Obviously, you screwed up but that's your mess to clean up....not anyone else.

My best guess is that roughly 250,000 of these individuals who should go through and reach a residence visa....will not be able to do it because they have no ID or they have arrests in their background.  Even giving them six months to go and ask for a new ID from their homeland.....probably won't be possible for various reasons.  Those who've registered and voted?  I'd take a guess that well over one million individuals have done so, and will not be able to stay.  So we end up with roughly 18.75 million foreign folks registered and on a path.

You welcome them.....note that getting arrested and convicted of a capital crime over the next four years while they wait out this probation period....will suspend this process and probably end their chances.

End of the story.  I know......we ought to have better programs and simplified ways of doing this....but it's the best you can do with the mess that you have.