Thursday, 2 February 2017

The Milo Story

I noticed a fairly big violent episode at Berkeley University in California....over an anticipated visit and lecture by Milo Yiannopoulos.

If you'd brought up Milo's name with me a year ago.....I had no idea who he is.  Today, I probably watch sixty minutes of his lectures each month.  He is a journalist who linked up with Breitbart.  Young intellectual but also clever enough to read through various fake agendas.  In terms of debate capability....I'd easily rate him as one of the twenty most capable debate masters in the western world.

Milo comes out to university campuses and gives a 90-minute lecture....which mostly takes about the fake nature of feminism, BLM, and at least forty other modern day 'fads'.

The thing I admire....he brings data, facts, and statistics to the debate.  A lot of these foundation-idiots that CNN or MSNBC or Fox drag in for conversations....usually just state a case without data or facts.

The threat of Milo?  Here's the thing.  If he shows up on a campus, and has an audience of 1,000's usually only 1-percent of the audience who are anti-Milo.  The rest want to hear his lecture.  When he finishes....I would take a guess that they begin to ask questions of the "anti" crowds, and the agenda-anchored professors.  These student speak out to other students, and that thousand....probably will 'infect' at least another thousand over the next year.

The violent protest thing?  I generally have the opinion that once you do anything to state property....once your identity is established and what you did for damage....ought to be enough to bring you in and expel you in a matter of an hour.  I'd also go to the next level and put you on a list for the entire state and deny you entry into state-funded college or university.

It's simply unacceptable behavior.  It's what you'd expect out of a 12-year-old kid, who is on some fussy sugar-fit.

The neat thing about these explosive and destructive that the campus has to repair whatever was broke or burnt, and typically....they add more cops.  So, by doing this great 'deed' end up pumping the yearly tuition up another $500 per student.  It may take six months....maybe twelve.....but their tuition rate will slip up a notch.

California, as a state, puts out a lot of money to keep tuition rates where they are.  Yearly tuition?  Roughly $13,500.  The room and board?  Almost $15,000.  If you removed the higher-rate money that the state moves into the university?  I'd take a guess that yearly tuition would be closer to $20,000.

Will they riot and burn more things if tuition talks occur and a rate increase happens?  Oh my....yes.

If you were a parent and your kid was bringing up Berkeley as a college possibility?  Well, you'd sit and pause over the thug-like mentality that you see, and wonder what exactly the draw to the college would be.  I might also wonder what the thugs will degree in and how that works out for the rest of their lives.

If you had Socrates around at this point....I suspect he'd be puzzled and wondering where the mental capacity in this case went wrong.