Sunday, 5 February 2017

Ten Things that would Help the Democrats

If you look at 2018 (mid-terms) and 2020 (next national election), the Democratic Party is in trouble.  They need to a brief pause....some thinking accomplished, and a bold new direction ahead.  So my top ten suggestions.

1.  Identify violent protests and public destruction of property/physical attacks on individuals to be a "NO-GO".  Any group doing it....gets cast out.  Anyone sponsoring it financially.....gets denied access to the party or it's candidates. If you retain the party of violence lose votes.

2.  Sit down and think of various idea for actual creation of jobs....regular jobs....NOT federal jobs.  It's not rocket science.  Create tax-free zones where the first five years are federally tax-free for the company, if you create new jobs out of thin air.  Push for training programs within junior colleges that would benefit start-up companies.

3.  Settle this migrant/immigrant mess with the Republicans.  Just continuing this without any conclusion....keeps bringing it up each single year as some national emergency.

4.  Retire Nancy Pelosi.  Just about every time that she comes on and gives some ten-minute interview....southern Democrats sitting at home just sit there and have this huge gut-feeling of some nutcase talking on some national show.  Maybe twenty years ago, she had some sense or potential....she's just dragging the party along at this point.

5.  Admit the feminism thing has kinda maxed out.  Either find a different way of slanting this gimmick or dump it.

6.  Dump the idea that the majority of Americans want to hear some hyped-up Democratic message or theme from some Hollywood-type.  The vast number of Americans really don't care what such-and-such singer or actor says....other than they continue their craft and just be non-political.

7.  If you continue this Black Lives Matter thing, and continue to aggravate cops.....then nothing really changes except you have cop-unions very anti-Democrat.  One might agree that there's some lousy cops and we need to look at behavior of cops, but a lot of the thugs with the BLM thing are not the type of characters that the party should associate with.

8.  CNN is doing a lousy job of selling your theme and message.  If you've got them on some contract or insider'd best correct them or fix this.

9.  Hillary Clinton is mostly finished up.  If she's still holding cards and an insider to the Democratic Party for 2018 and 2020.....then the 'Titantic" is sinking slowly into the sea.

10.  Dump the fake news thing.  It's situated to be more of a comedy situation than reality.  If you keep bringing up Putin, it'll only damage the party appreciation more in the end.