Tuesday, 7 February 2017

This Berkeley Thing

Over the past couple of days, I've probably watched about 60 minutes of the Berkeley riot episode from YouTube.  This was all caused in some way as a violent reaction to Milo speech event scheduled there.

My observations?

Whatever opposition cause was planned.....more or less....developed quickly into a violent encounter.  It was the behavior and conduct that you'd expect out of 12-year-old kids who looped themselves up on five or six cans of Mountain Dew and were on some sugar freak-out.

The destruction gimmick?  There is a cost factor involved, and in the end....they only helped to accelerate the tuition costs of the university....something that will lead them to future protests and more confrontations.....and more increases in the tuition situation yet again.

The facial coverings? They all looked like Mexican bandits from south of the border.

Their demeanor and attitude?    I think most are unable to live in any universe or work for any company/organization unless they (the company) conform to their standards (of the punk kid).

There aren't rational moments of conversation....that's one odd thing you noticed from the interviews conducted on the street.  They did seem clever, but it was mostly memorized lines from some PhD professor.  My impression of independent thought with these folks....on a scale of one to ten....they were barely at a three.

So this all brings me to this odd situation with American universities of today.  I get the impression that whoever runs the PhD lecturer or professor game....has loaded the deck with people of marginal skills.  Maybe this started in the 1960s and simply is the long-term product of poor hiring or poor management of the university system.  I won't blame just Berkeley.....I think most all of them have done some lousy job.

The course of things or trail?  If you were parent and really sat down to measure up the end-product of four to six years at some university, and came to grasp that this $100,000 of your money was producing a insignificant young adult who couldn't function in the western civilization or around people of different thought processes....then you might shy away from that college and look for something else.  You wouldn't want to waste all that time producing an idiot who can't survive in the real world.

My last observation?  If you were a regular hard-working middle-class Democrat or Democrat-leaning guy from one of these non-urban or non-welfare class counties in the US (3,100 of them)....viewing all this violent stuff and confrontations with public damage.....then your enthusiasm for the 2018-mid-term and next presidential election (2020) won't really be pumped up.  In a way, all this confrontation and violence stuff doesn't have appeal to that type of voter.  So it's hurting the Democratic Party....more than helping it.

You would think some chiefs at the top of the party would grasp that and look for better ways to focus these brat-kids....but that doesn't seem to be much of a priority.

Just my humble two cents.  Oh, and if I were a cop there.....I would have just stood back and not put my life at risk over some intellectual-loser kid.