Friday, 10 February 2017

The Problem with Negativism

I sat yesterday and tried to watch thirty minutes of Wolf Blitzer on CNN.  I hadn't watched his show in two months, and just wanted to catch up on US news.

I had last watched Wolf Blitzer in it's been a while.

I made it to about minute 20 and just said....that's it, I can't consume anymore.

If you compare the mid-December against this 9 Feb 2017 was night and day. The mid-December Wolf version was mostly pro-Obama Administration. At least when someone is doing a pro-angle, you can sit and consume the news.....ask yourself questions and note the amusing pro-angles they pick or the pieces of the story that they chose not to discuss.  The 9 Feb Wolf version?  Totally negative-coverage continuously....minute-after-minute.

The thing about drains you out.  There's only so much you can take, and then you just have to walk away.

Wolf would slide story X over to his expert for a comment, then go to story Y with the second expert....all prepared with negative-slant.  The problem for me is that they couldn't really put any news out was pure speculation.....stacked with slant.

Back in the early 1980s.....we had this neat news network that existed....Headline News.  It was pure news and in thirty minutes, you could be up to date with world and national news.

What happened with Headline News?  At some point in the mid-1990s....they disappeared, and CNN reinvented the whole concept of around-the-clock news.  It stopped being this blunt news service and became some in-depth long-winded and often intellectual news network.

The other problem I see with this trend is that if you were an employee with CNN, and had to get up each day to present the negativism'd end up having a personal toll on your life.  You'd drive to work....preparing yourself to be negative.  You'd spend the whole day whipping yourself to a maximum negative stage.  Then you'd drive home in a negative state of mind.  Personally, I'd probably be burned out in less than six weeks.

Maybe CNN can hold the line and be this negative for four to eight years....but it'll only work if they continually go and recruit new people and freshened up the negativism every six months with some new faces.