Saturday, 11 February 2017

White House Press Briefings

Over the past decade, there would be occasions that I'd go and watch some unfolding news episode with the daily White House Press Briefing.  In a normal year...I'd probably catch at least five or six of the episodes....some years up to dozen.

This past week....I've gone back to watch every single day.  Watching it live?  No....I usually go to YouTube and review it there.

In some odd way, it's become entertainment, which ought to sound silly (even to me).

For eight years, I sat and watched the press corps ask an occasional stupid or silly question....most were baited in some way that the right answer would just flow like water from the President's spokesperson.  Maybe once a day....some idiot would challenge the guy but it was rare.

It was like every single journalist was on some drug sedative or tranquilizer.  They were thinking and acting at 40-percent of their normal capacity.

Since the Trump administration has arrived?  It's like they threw away their tranquilizers and pulled out some Mountain Dew or Red Bull (triple-shots), and got hyped up on something.

Version 1.0 and 2.0?  Well....yeah, it's amazing that they could revamp their sedative-appearance in a matter of days and now appear on some blitz-like question game.

The problem for the general public watching this?  They would mostly sit there and ask where these people were from 2008 to 2016?  Reversing from one side of the spectrum to the other?  Most people don't buy into that type of just makes you look foolish and stupid.  If your local minister behaved like'd fire the guy.  If your local school principal acted this'd fire the gal.  If your boss did some 180-degree flip on business'd get worried and throw your resume to other companies.  If your wife did some whole reversal of'd think she was on some swell drugs or having some affair on the side.  If your son did some flip on prospective and seemed to be acting logical and conscious of his'd think aliens had come and swapped a clone with him.

Yeah, it's a problem now.

Maybe somewhere down the line in five or six years, the news journalists at the daily meeting might finally get ahead in some way.....but I don't see their fortune turning anytime in the next couple of months.

This gimmick of allowing Skype situations and reporters from Tulsa or Athens, Alabama to ask questions?  It was the most brilliant move I've seen in decades.  Why not let regular journalists ask the questions?

The odd factor in all of this?  When people see Spicer (the WH spokesperson)....they see the President.  When Spicer's Trump-chat...just more thoughtful and direct.

It'll be interesting if we come to realize that five-million Americans watch the daily press conference, and hype it at church, the barbershop, the coffee shop, or at work.