Monday, 13 February 2017

The Thing About Fraudulent Voting

Pardon me....while I tell this reach a point.

About ten years ago, I was sitting and watching some German documentary about people and their unique jobs.  It was a slow piece and frankly not a show that I'd recommend.  But they had this one episode where they introduced you to this pool manager of a small German village.

He had a multi-functional type job, and did at least twenty different tasks ensure that the pool operated in an efficient and safe the camera team accompanied him on a typical day.  He checked the dressing rooms and ensure sanitary conditions.  He'd walk the grounds to ensure the landscape guy was doing what he was supposed to do.  He'd walk the parking lot to ensure it wasn't littered or such.  He would enter into the cafe area and make sure that it was kept clean and tidy.

So the guy came to the pump room area, which I had to was fairly new and complex.  Lots of buttons and valves.  He pulls out a test kit and has basically two tests which he completes.  You can tell....he doesn't want to get into many details and is trying to keep this real simple and short.  But the crew finally asks.....what are these tests for?

There's this he is contemplating how to explain something without getting you disturbed.

Test about bacteria count.  He had a green, yellow and red chart.  As long as the test results stayed green or yellow....things were fine.  He'd just adjust the chlorine and chemical additives to fix the bacteria.  The question came quickly you can't eliminate bacteria completely?  No....there is a safe margin of allowing some bacteria to exist.  If you get into the red area?  Oh, well....then we shut down for a day or two, and flush out a lot of water and get rid of the bacteria that way.

How did this bacteria get into the pool?  Well...he kinda says it in a nice way....folks don't bathe well, or they wear suits that carry bacteria, or it just arrives via the city water department.  Zero far as you could tell....was never possible.  And if you had a strong smell of chlorine?  Well....that's helping with the bacteria issue (at least from what I could get from the conversation).

The second test?  He explained it a nice way....but it was the urine content in the water.  You see.....people (probably mostly kids) pee in the pool.  If there is a lot of flush out some water and add fresh water.  That was the type of explanation that the guy gave.

I sat there after listening to all of this.....feeling a bit nervous because you really couldn't feel safe or sanitary with the pool business as it was.  Either bacteria or urine was there.....ever marginally so.  But the the thing was.....every single day....he tested it to make sure it was minimum.

So, I come to voting and fraudulent efforts by the public to illegally vote, double-vote, or dead-person-vote.

I'd like to feel marginally safe about the voting lists in my district or county.  I'd like to have some pool-manager-like guy who would go and yearly pull up 10-percent of the listing and review it.  I'd like for him to compare against the state listings or across the nation.  I'd like for him to verify that every single guy is living and a US citizen, and only registered in this district.

The odd thing is that pool managers are doing this test stuff for the general good of the public.  These county clerks?  They don't care if the voter lists are clean or free of issues.

Maybe I'm talking apples and oranges here.....but I seem to be more confident of my pool being low on bacteria content and reasonably free of urine....than I'm sure about double-registered folks or dead folks on the county listing.