Saturday, 18 February 2017

Ten Things That Seem Odd

Over the past month, there are ten things which have strike me as odd:

1.  After you look at the Flynn contact with the Russian have to did he come to get the personal number of the Russian ambassador?  Obviously, the NSA and FBI folks knew the number.  Never once did the general seem to worry that someone would monitor incoming calls and ask stupid questions later.  It's probably another sign that he wasn't the brightest guy around.

2.  I noticed yesterday some comment by NPR that President Trump was now engaged in a permanent campaign.  Where exactly has NPR been for the past eight years?  Didn't they notice the same tactic and strategy within the President Obama administration.....or were they too stupid to notice it?

3.  CNN has hyped themselves into a corner.  They can't do a positive story on the Trump administration....even when something positive does occur.  They've become some loosely connected group of 'Agent Provocateurs'.....mostly working on some agenda....not the news.

4. It's becoming apparent that the last place in the US where you'd find free on a typical university campus.  Socrates would be rolling on the ground and laughing.

5.  Does anyone really care what the Hollywood crowd really thinks on politics?  I mean long as some dimwit can pretend to be a damsel in distress, or fake-Superman, or deliver a decent Macbeth line or two....that's really all I expect.  Beyond that....even if they eat dog-food, or sleep in a snake-pit....I really don't care.

6.  For all these idiots pumping the $15 wage for burger joints and such.....when you finally accomplish this completely....then you walk in and discover that a Big Mac meal is $9.99.....will it curtail your future visits?  The other question here that bothers me.....are there really people who plan on some forty-year career at McDonalds....just flipping burgers for the rest of their life?

7. The odds that the Republican replacement healthcare law will fail within ten years?  I'd give it better than 90-percent odds that it will fail as well.  Oddly, no one is asking questions....they just know that the present program won't work, so it's time to move on.

8.  I read a piece this morning where some university students were hyped to condemn the Dalai Lama's visit....because he wasn't tolerant enough for them.  It's the same crowd who would have condemned Britain's Neville Chamberlain visiting Nazi Germany and going negative against him because he wasn't tolerant enough of Nazi society.

9.  If you wrote down a list of all the enemies of the President Bush, President Obama and President Trump'd probably be 100 pages long.

10.  When you go and examine this Oroville Dam episode in's just a matter of when the dam fails, and possibly kills a thousand people that reality will set in and folks realize that responsible leadership never existed to protect them.