Wednesday, 22 February 2017

This Cuba Thing

Last year.....everyone got all hyped up that the tough line with Cuba was finished, and that the travel ban was lifted.  So they all chatted like wild monkeys on the massive amount of tourism and flights going from the US into Cuba.

This morning.....the news folks admitted the newest trend....airlines cutting back on flights into Cuba.  Jet Blue, Silver, and American Airlines all said reduced flights are the way to go.

What happened?  First, it's not tourist season to make some warm-weather trip into Cuba.  I could see maybe seven or eight months out of the year where people would care to go.

Second....the Dominican Republic already had a large number of resorts and was well established.

Third....what exactly is historic or very magnetic in nature to draw you to Cuba?  I really can't think of a single thing.

Maybe in five years....some massive tourist zone will be created and this will make sense.  But right now....there is nothing to get excited about.