Thursday, 23 February 2017

How to Blow $5,000

Last week, I sat and read a couple of pieces over the CIA guy who resigned....citing that he had conflict with Trump in charge of the government now.  At the time.....I didn't think much of the deal.  If you work for the government, you have to accept the fact that Presidents will come and go, and your part in the government is an awful small piece of it.    After that bit of reading....I put the story away....there wasn't much to it.

Today, someone went and updated one curious part about this former CIA guy.  It's an odd piece.

The guy got hyped up on politics in mid-2016 (mid to late August) and donated two checks to the election campaign.  One went to Hillary.....and one went to the DNC as a group deal.  Altogether....five thousand dollars.

Normal folks will get hyped up on politics, and might occasionally donate 50 to 100 dollars in a normal election year.  In a hyped up year.....I could see some regular and normal folks writing out a check 500 dollars.  If you were a business man....wealthy farmer....big-time New York Yankees pitcher....or a Indy 500 driver.....then I could see a guy donating 5,000 to 10,000 dollars.

But this was a CIA guy....maybe in his mid-30s....probably in the GS-12 range.  For DC, this meant he was making 85 to 103 thousand dollars a year.  If you live in Maryland or pay a fair sum to the state tax folks.  With property tax, vehicle tax, sales tax, social security, TSP donations, state tax, federal tax, will see 50-percent of your pay disappear.

This guy gave 5,000 dollars away in a heat-of-a-moment election?  What kind of idiot does that?

I am reminded a situation at a base where I was stationed.....where one of the guys that I worked around got into a year-long state-of-mind mess.

He'd moved into some apartment friendly with some single gal there....and she becoming some potential love interest.  Sadly, along the way....he spent around $4,000 to help buy her a used vehicle.  Then he helped to spend a thousand on some TV because hers broke.  Then he came up and spend various sums of money on little bills that popped up (a hundred here.....two hundred there, etc).

At the end of this period.....he'd put nearly ten-thousand into this relationship situation. Then he came home one day....she'd moved out and left her apartment.  No address mentioned by the manager....nothing.

For three months, he was a in a bad state of mind.  All this money spent on his honey.  He felt they were working up to some magic moment (marriage of course).  He was unable to really concentrate at work and was continually screwing the point that his performance was being monitored by his boss.  Most everyone told him to take a month off and just go camping or fishing.  A couple of months later, he just ended his military out....and was going to move back back to wherever he grew up.

I see this CIA agent in this fragile state of mind.

He could have spent the $5000 on a down-payment for a car.  He could have gone off to a fancy resort in Aruba for a whole month and sipped top-of-the-line Jacky D's.  He could have bought a pretty fancy watch.  He could have gotten a top of the line leather sofa.  He could have put a big down-payment down on a sail-boat.  He could have gone to Vegas and stayed a weekend in the $1,500 a night hotel room.

Instead, he blew the 5,000 on Hillary and a lost cause with the DNC.  My humble guess is that he's a bit angry and was money flushed down the toilet.

Did he have intentions of getting some pay-back?  That's the odd thing....if she'd won, his name would have been on some special favor list, and maybe her crew would have come in, and he'd go and ask for a big special CIA assignment to Rio, or London, or Paris.  It sounds crazy but 5,000 might get you a pretty good favor.

If you wanted a special ambassador to'd just require usually $250,000.  You'd go for two years....act real swanky and wear some fancy clothing as the ambassador.

What happens with this CIA guy now?  I'm not sure.  Maybe he ends up with some foundation, or think-tank, or with some private bank data company.  The $5000?  Well, here's the thing....if he'd donated it to some'd at least get a tax credit.  In this case?  There's nothing left of the $5,000 except some remarkable evening he had planned to watch the Hillary win.....and how he fell apart hours later.  Kind of tragic.