Friday, 24 February 2017

Demons, Curses, and Prayers

A number of cult folks, witches, and those of the demonic realm have come out this week to put a curse on President Trump.

I've surveyed the comments.  Generally....'spells' have a particular slant to them.  In this case, it's simply a curse or spell to get him out of office.  The fact that he might be out in four years or eight years....might show success with the curse business....but otherwise, it's mostly all a show.

Not to be outdone....the Christians have gone to prayers for lessen the effect of the demons.

In Alabama, if you were to bring up demons and starts to worry some Baptist folks, and they generally meet to discuss the matter, and get some words from the local minister.  They will ask about witches....which there really isn't much in the Bible covering that topic.  But there's plenty on demons.  Although he might tell them that only Catholics can cover this position....with exorcism.

Exorcism isn't something you ought to bring up around southerners.  They get all freaked out and worried abut casting demons out and will cite some movie that they saw in 1979.

If I were Trump, I'd haul up some voo-doo Haitian gal to do a double witch-curse to reflect back upon the fake cult-demonic crowd, and let that Spicer-kid who does the daily White House briefings introduce her and let her do a two-minute chant.

All of this makes one wonder....what exactly we've come to with politics?  Is it bad enough that we need demons, or prayers to counter curses?

Trump would probably say that he felt he dealt with all that demon stuff back in November with Hillary and it just can't work much with him.  Bill might agree with that statement.